Main Campaign?

Our adventure in the underdark is coming to an end – or at least the first part is. So you should now have a few 5th level characters (assuming they survived), ready to start the big ‘proper’ campaign!

I’ve got (far too) many d&d books, I’d love to run one of them and do a campaign into the big levels. But which one would you prefer?

Rise of Tiamat

61ds6brybkl._sx218_bo1204203200_ql40_ml2_Classic d&d. Dragon cultists are up to naughty business – rumour is they’re trying to summon Tiamat, the queen of evil dragons. The world needs a group of heroes to stop the cult’s plans, unite the various factions of the world, and send Tiamat back to hell!

This was the first campaign released for 5e, and it shows in places. Some of you played the first half of this after we did the starter set.


  • Classic d&d – fight through a dungeon (cave, volcano, etc) and get to the dragon.
  • You like dragons? This has got shitloads.
  • Very epic scale, you get to fight actual fucking Tiamat at the end (spoilers I guess).


  • Very linear. Go to this place and do a thing.
  • You might get sick of dragons. Seriously, they’re every-bloody-where.

Storm King’s Thunder

9170mplmnrl._ac_sl1500_Also classic d&d. Giants are on the rampage, the world needs a group of heroes to… you get it. A ‘re-imagining’ of the classic Against the Giants. A very open ‘sandbox’ style campaign – part of the adventure is finding out what’s going on, gathering friends, deciding who to take on, etc.


  • Classic d&d – explore the Sword Coast and the North, take on giant strongholds.
  • Wide open sandbox. Seriously, you just get handed a map and left to it.
  • The giant strongholds are proper boss.


  • Wide open sandbox. Relies on the players to lead the plot.
  • A bit of a convoluted plot, which is easy to forget about as you’re exploring and killing things.

Out of the Abyss

91o93lxnxgl._ac_sl1500_You know it, you love it. After you’ve made it out, we’d have a few levels of intermission, then its time to go back down into the Underdark and give those demon lords a good seeing to.


  • Demons! You’ve spent all this time running away from them, now you can go back and sort them out.
  • Some cool, twisted locations and encounters. Do you want to attend Zuggtmoy’s wedding?


  • Everything happens in the underdark, which you might be sick of by now(?)
  • A bit linear.

Descent into Avernus

baldur27s_gate2c_descent_into_avernusThe holy city of Elturel has vanished, some say pulled into Hell itself. Spoilers: it totally has gone to hell, and guess where you guys are going?


  • You go to hell and fight devils, potentially while driving an ‘infernal war machine’ aka ‘mad max car’.
  • You can sell your immortal soul.


  • Pretty much everything happens in hell, so there’s no chance of downtime or doing shopping and that.
  • You might be stuck at level 5 for a while as we cover the beginning bit of the plot (it’s meant to start at level 1).

Curse of Strahd

81odvkvtxzlGothic horror. The mists close in and you find yourselves trapped in dread realm of the vampire Dracula Strahd. Can you defeat the immortal master and break the curse before you are turned into one of his servants?


  • Proper scary gothic horror. Do you want to play as a zombie?
  • Strahd is an excellent villain, and the big castle is one of the best mega-dungeons I’ve ever seen.


  • Proper scary gothic horror. Make backup characters.
  • It’s quite a small place you’re trapped in, not everyone’s cup of tea.

So what’s your preference? Anything you definitely don’t want to do?

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