Your First Campaign(?)

You’ve made a start in D&D and now it’s time to take your little baby characters on a proper adventure. So where to?

Descent into Avernus

The holy city of Elturel has vanished! Some say sacrificed in a devilish plot, and all signs point to the den of corruption known as Baldur’s Gate. You’ll be investigating evil cults and nefarious plots, and must to be willing to follow the trail all the way down to hell itself…

This is the ‘classic’ D&D – a group of heroes trying to save the world (well, a city but that’s a start). It’s the standard mix of exploration, combat and roleplay, beginning in Baldur’s Gate, and then moving downwards. Killing devils is expected, but making deals with them is also very possible. And it turns out that hell looks a lot like a Mad Max movie.

  • Going to literal hell
  • Driving a soul-powered murder car
  • Making deals with devils

Princes of the Apocalypse

The four elemental princes each seek absolute power, and will destroy anything that gets in their way. The ancient temple of elemental evil has been uncovered and now only a plucky band of misfits stands between them and the destruction of the world!

This is much more of a dungeon-crawl than the others. Go in, give one of the elements a good slapping, report back, then find the next. There’s more to it than that, but not actually loads more. Good for if you want to get stuck in.

  • Dungeon delving
  • Big boss fights
  • Loot!

Tomb of Annihilation

A ‘death curse’ has fallen on (befallen?) the world, and something deep in the jungles of Chult is causing it. Finding it won’t be easy: the jungle is full of dinosaurs, undead, undead dinosaurs, and… goblins.

This campaign is far more focused on exploration than the others. Yes there’s dungeons and possibly even dragons, but you’ll spend most of the campaign exploring the steaming jungles, oozing swamps and smoking mountains of Chult, trying to stay alive.

  • Exploring uncharted lands
  • Fighting and/or riding dinosaurs
  • Discovering forbidden cities of lost treasure

Curse of Strahd

In the dread realm of Ravenloft, the immortal vampire Strahd von Sarovich rules supreme. Many have dared to face him, but all have fallen, or worse… Now a new band of heroes have arrived, will they stand firm against the darkness?

If you like goths, and you like horror, you might like Gothic Horror! This is D&D written by Edgar Allan Poe, full of vampires, werewolves and spooooky houses. Yes, it will probably descend into Scooby Doo, it always does.

  • Exploring the haunted Castle Ravenloft
  • Determining your fate with a Tarot reading
  • Interviewing a vampire


This setting is all about hopping between the planes, meetings gods and trying to stay alive. Things can get weird quickly: you’re aware of good and evil planes (heaven and hell), and maybe even the plane of elemental fire, but did you know there’s a clockwork plane of law? The negative energy plane will kill you, but the positive energy plane can be just as dangerous by filling you with too much life!

This setting works really well for a ‘monster of the week’ campaign. Maybe a semi-coherent main storyline, mixed with lots of random excursions around the planes.

  • Finding a faulty modron in Mechanus, plane of law
  • Visiting the City of Brass on elemental plane of fire
  • Choosing a faction in Sigil, city of doors.

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