The name is pretty simple: we’re a bunch of nerds, and most problems (in game) are solved with murder.

This is my blog about life, gaming and nerdiness. Mostly it’ll be about my rpg group – ‘The Murder Nerds’. I’ll post session updates, ideas for games, my own badly-thought-through creations, and things I’ve stolen from elsewhere.

I generally DM 5e campaigns, which start off as a published adventure (Curse of Strahd, Hoard of the Dragon Queen, etc), and then go a bit off the rails.

I also playtested the new edition of Paranoia, which I’m looking forward to trying out properly if/when it gets released (any day now!). I’d love to out other systems and ideas too – Shadowrun, Traveller, Fate, and many more.

I also play a lot of boardgames, and am a member of FANG – a boardgaming group based in Nottingham. If you’re into boardgaming you should check out Fun Across the Board, a great site run by a friend of mine. It’s full of boardgame reviews and news (and occasional rants).

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