New Campaign, Who Dis?

You made it out of the underdark! I’m sure all those demons down there will take care of themselves…

The new campaign will be: Storm King’s Thunder! I don’t want to give too much of the plot away, but as you might have gathered, this centres around various clans of giants, who are up to no good.


We’ll be starting in the well-to-do market town of Triboar. It’s an important trading town on the Long Road, and sees many visitors from Neverwinter and Waterdeep, as well as all the surrounding farms and smaller settlements. It’s in the region known simply as ‘The North’, and is also part of the Sword Coast.


You’re welcome to use any of your existing characters, or create a new one using the same rules (standard array, feat at level 1, etc). You can have 2 reasonable magic items from the previous campaigns, or pick a couple if you’re starting from scratch. No holy avenger swords, but you’ve got things like an arrow-catching shield, rod of the pact keeper, etc.

Let’s add a few adventure hooks to the campaign too! Please try to come up with:

  1. What has your character been up to since we last saw them? Last we saw from the Salt in Wound group they were sailing across the open seas, free at last. Gauntlegrym also isn’t too far away if you’re coming from the underdark.
  2. Why is your character in Triboar? It’s a fairly busy town, and a common stop on the way to somewhere else.
  3. There have been rumours of giant activity in the North. Why is your character interested? Why would they run towards a giant attack rather than away from it?
  4. Who do you know in the group? Why would you stick with these people?

I’ll get everything started on Roll20, so you can sort out your character sheets. There’s space on them for a short Bio, as well as for GM notes that only you and I can see. Feel free to add details to the world if you want, e.g. “I’m search for [thingy], the legendary [weapon/armour/spell book] of my ancestors. I’ve heard rumours that [person], the [storm giant/ancient red dragon/pixie] knows where it is, and they were last seen in [far away place].” This campaign will work a lot better if you decide what you want to do.

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