Roleplaying: The Life of Gary Slaughterballs

A few weeks ago I posted the history of the house of Slaughterballs, which one of my players had created for his character. This time I’m happy to reveal the life of Gary himself, and what led him to take up the adventuring life.

Important events in the life of Gary Slaughterballs XXVII

1451 of the Dale Reckoning (DR):

Gary is born to Terry Slaughterballs XXVI and his wife Betha.
Mount Hotenow erupts, destroying Corlinn Hill and forcing Terry XXVI, Betha, their two year old son Derek and new-born Gary to flee. The superstitious Terry believes that Gary is “cursed”.
The Slaughterballs arrive in Waterdeep and settle in their townhouse in the North Ward.

1453 DR:

Fidelia is born to Terry XXVI and Betha. Betha dies from complications during childbirth, and Terry holds Fidelia responsible.

1468 DR:
The Slaughterballs ancestral greataxe, Dorothea. What a beauty.
The Slaughterballs ancestral greataxe, Dorothea.
What a beauty.

Derek and Gary set themselves up as tutors in the subjects of combat and heroic conduct. Derek excels at the latter, while Gary prefers a more pragmatic approach. Both gain a reputation for skill at fighting.

1470 DR:

Derek and Gary are hired by the City Watch to train new recruits. Gary is disliked by the trainees for his strict adherence to rules and harsh (but undoubtedly fair) combat training programme. One trainee tries to pull a practical joke on him. The trainee goes missing for three days, and is last seen running from Waterdeep’s Southern Gate.

1471 DR:

Sick of her father’s resentment, Fidelia formally renounces her name and place in the line of succession. She takes the surname Corlinn and sets up her own business in Waterdeep, becoming a moderately successful merchant.

1475 DR:

Fidelia marries another merchant, Darvin Amblecrown. Derek and Gary attend the wedding. Terry XXVI does not.

1480 DR:

Derek, the eldest and favoured son of Terry XXVI and heir to the title of Lord of Slaughterballs, is killed in a hunting accident in the Ardeep Forest. Gary is in Waterdeep at the time, and feels guilty that he was not there to help his brother.

1481 DR:

Terry XXVI, consumed by grief, disappears while ranting about suicide. He is never seen again, and it is assumed that he has died. Fidelia Amblecrown does not attend his memorial.
Gary is proclaimed the new Lord of Slaughterballs. He inherits the title, the ancestral greataxe, the townhouse and a few other accoutrements. He vows to restore the Slaughterballs family to its glory days and ensure the line does not end with him.

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