Thirsty Pastimes: Random Magic Items

Continuing the Thirsty Pastimes adventure I’m going/have already (let’s not start that again) run.

Let’s Look for Treasure!

It’s important in any adventure for the players to find cool stuff. In some cases that can just be gold, or cool new sword that does more damage, or maybe something more strange and interesting.

8891b862192155ea0a9814680a3d5273For my adventure I wanted as much of the third option as possible. There will still be several +x weapons and armour, but they’re dull. I want something that takes some creativity to use well, or leads to funny/cool moments, or just straight explode in their faces. So without further ado, allow me to introduce my* wonderful, random magic items.

*almost all were stolen from random places on the internet. If one of these items is yours, thank-you!

Magically Random and Randomly Magical

At certain points in the game, a player may earn, find, or be given a random magic item. At which point they then roll a d50 and I tell them what they’ve won. Most of the time I’ll tell them the name of the item, and see what they do with it, but for some a little more direction might be needed. I’ll see how they get on.

Some of the items say 2d3 charges or similar. This is a house rule I stole from a friend to save tracking charges for items. Roll




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